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For the past 44 years, Tower of Power has been creating their own kind of soul music. Since 1968, Tower of Power has delivered their unique brand of music to their fans, appearing before sold out crowds as they tour the world each year. Tower’s sound can be hard to categorize, but the band's leader and founding member, Emilio Castillo, has labeled their sound as "Urban Soul Music."

Tower's rhythm section lays down a groove like no other band. The band’s horn driven sound is unique, and the way they approach everything, from writing and arranging to mixing and performing, is totally their own. Combine all of that with an outstanding lead vocalist and you have one of the most dynamic groups of musicians to ever hit the stage.

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Tour Dates

Location Date
Newport Beach, CA October 10
San Diego, CA October 11
St. Charles, IL October 17
Mainstee MI October 18
European Tour Nov 1 to 23
Stateline, NV November 29
Beverly Hills, CA December 5
Carbazon, CA December 12
San Jose, CA December 20
Boston MA December 29
Tarrytown, NY December 30
Hartford, CT New Year's Eve!!

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Hey everybody, Rocco here. I just wanted to give you an update on what's happening with me. First off I'd like to thank everyone who has either donated to my medical fund or given their time and energy. It is greatly appreciated to say the least! As far far as my health goes, as you know, I am not well enough to be on the road with Tower Of Power at this time. My kidney function numbers although way below normal have been holding steady. I'm feeling OK however I am in need of a kidney transplant as soon as possible. According to the medical team, even though I feel OK right now my condition can deteriorate suddenly.

I know some of you thought we had a donor and we were ready to go. Unfortunately at the 11th hour that changed. After some final testing, the person who was a match is no longer a viable donor. Needless to say, there was a lot of disappointment. Now we are regrouping and again looking for potential donors. If anyone is interested there is more information available at www.roccoprestia.com. You can also email me at roccoprestia@towerofpower.com.

It's hard to find the right words to express how much I appreciate the generosity and love you have shown me so for now I'll just say so long and and I'll see you down the road!!

THANK YOU so much for your support!

Sincerely, ROCCO

A fund has been started to assist with the costs of his kidney transplant. In order to help with the medical expenses that will not be covered by insurance a medical fund, The "HELP ROCCO FUND" has been established. Please consider making a donation so that we can help Rocco to continuing to play Live And In Living Color for many more years to come.

Donations can be made on the web through PayPal, or by regular mail by sending a check. You can donate through Paypal even if you are not a paypal member.Please click on the link below which will take you to the PayPal page that has been set up for Rocco.

Any Questions? Please contact brian@towerofpower.com

Newly Released CD: Hipper Than Hip"

On May 14, 1974, Tower of Power went to radio station WLIR in Hempstead, Long Island and played a live-in-the-studio show that set the station ablaze as well as the radios of any listeners that were lucky enough to hear it.

Flash forward nearly 40 years. On a whim, a tape collector sends us the show, saying that of his 10,000-plus recordings of live concerts, this set was his favorite. Well, people send us stuff all the time; but within about five minutes of listening to this show, we know we HAVE to find a way to expose the record-buying public to this performance. So, fingers crossed, we send it to the band, and much to our delight, they agree with us. In the words of Emilio Castillo, founding member and leader of Tower of Power: "We were clearly at the top of our game firing on all 10 cylinders."

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Check out David Garibaldi's New Drumming APP, The Code Of Funk

David Garibaldi's modern educational classic returns as an interactive, play-along app experience for drummers!

Using the original backing tracks from Tower of Power's 2008 release The Oakland Zone, The Code of Funk breaks down the elements that have made Garibaldi's funky, linear, syncopated style a touchstone for drummers around the world for decades.

Use the built in mixing console to design the perfect track to assist your study, isolating subtleties or removing the drums entirely when you're ready to replace them.

Talk downs of each drum part are included, as well as detailed transcriptions of all tunes. Lead sheets have been included for all tracks -- written by David, exclusive to the app -- giving you a bird's eye view of each tune.

What are you waiting for? Get The Code of Funk, and get funky!

More Information: The Code Of Funk

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